Two years ago, Jesse Lee (alias “Kestrel”) became the first, and only, Inspired agent to be recruited into the TLA – a deep-state agency tasked with keeping tabs on ‘irreproducible phenomena.’ That’s the stuff the Inspired churn out: devices, events, or even beings producing effects that can’t be replicated by mundane science. With his partner, seasoned agent Bruce Altmann, and his own set of improbable gadgets, Lee helps track down and neutralize any of the doomsday devices, temporal anomalies, Elvis re-animation schemes, etc. posing this week’s threat to national security.

But after a mad-science misstep causes a routine mission to devolve into chaos, Lee’s value to the agency is called into question. Altmann, normally defender of the agent he helped recruit, is making himself scarce. And more of the Inspired on the TLA’s ‘Most Wanted’ list are going missing, making that ‘routine mission’ look a little less routine.  Suddenly alone, Lee is forced to reevaluate his role in both the Inspired and mortal worlds. But it’s hard to find your footing when bigger problems are brewing beneath your feet…

Tailslide is a science-fiction fiction-science adventure comic, set loosely in the world of the Genius: The Transgression tabletop game written by Kyle Marquis. Several characters and plot points began their lives in the wonderful Future of Tomorrow! LARP written and run by members of the MIT Assassin’s Guild in January 2019. You don’t have to have read either of these things to enjoy the comic – but if you do enjoy this comic, you’d probably like them a lot.

cAPSLOCK (R. Skye Thompson) is a cartoonist and roboticist currently completing an engineering degree in Boston, MA. You can find more of his art at, or on twitter @cruiserctrl.