Here’s a bunch of links to stuff that I (the person who writes and draws this comic) like, with a primary focus on other webcomics. Last updated 02/28/23.

I’ve sorted these EXTREMELY roughly by traits they share with this comic, such that if you like that thing about this comic, I think you’ll like this other comic, too. Bolded links are ongoing, and ones with stars are projects I think particularly deserve more love – so if you’ve only got time to check out one, consider one of those!


Girl Genius I am not sure how you got here if you haven’t read Girl Genius. (Don’t take that the wrong way. I’m very glad you’re here!! Just also surprised!) My current favorite way to describe Tailslide is “‘Girl Genius for SCP fans’ meets ‘The Incredibles, but for estranged academics who think Randianism is bunk.'” Anyway – if you’re here and somehow haven’t read it, you will ALMOST CERTAINLY love Girl Genius. Just, don’t start reading it the same week you write your thesis or whatever. There are a lot of pages.

A Miracle of Science* – Believe it or not, I had not read this comic before writing mine! It’s probably Tailslide’s closest cousin in the narrative latent space. Saying more would be spoilers (for AMoS), so I’ll just say you should read it for mad science mystery shenanigans and an adorable romance.

Narbonic – I haven’t actually read all of Narbonic yet, but it’s one of the classics.


Paranatural – Probably needs no introduction. Gotta love a good secret suit society.

APOC* – Four young adults with the powers of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, tracked by a secret agency with some questionable motives.

Skin Horse* – From the same author as Narbonic, about social services for non-human sapients.

Strong Female Protagonist – Deconstruction of superhero tropes before that was what everyone was doing, and one of the more interesting examples IMO, with a lot of focus on social infrastructure and consequences.

Heroes Villains and Rej* – About a journalist covering the superhero/supervillian industrial complex, who comes across some information that may have . Described as a “horror-comedy”, which is really reflected in the art style in the best of ways

CosmoKnights – Lesbian space racing

Ten Earth Shattering Blows – For that Fantasy/Mad Max fan niche. Best in-story title reveal I’ve ever seen.

Kill Six Billion Demons – Another one I’d be surprised if people haven’t seen already. World-spanning fantasy storyline and incredible art with a focus on depicting a detailed world and magical combat


O Human Star – A roboticist dies and wakes up 15 years later in an artificial body, with a life’s worth of lingering problems, including an unresolved romance with a former business partner.

Drugs and Wires* – About a world where cybernetic implants can be addictive, and the people who get them are shunned. Really cool technology and character designs, I just love comics with weird aesthetic niches so, so much.

Selkie – This is the first webcomic I ever remember reading, and it’s still going! About a single dad who adopts a nonhuman girl, who grow into a family as they learn more about her background. Many pages.

Kate Blast* – About a trans magical girl looking for meaning and romance while defending the world. A mix of sci-fi and magic with wonderful coloring.

Garden of Iron* – A young robot sets off to save her creators from a surreal storm.

REAL ACTUAL SCIENCE (not really in Tailslide ig, but a thing I suspect you like anyway):

My Other Comics – When I’m not scouring wikipedia for fake-sounding science words so I can write dialogue infuriating anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about, I make actual educational comics about Robotics and AI, especially trying to capture what makes translating real problems into computational terms hard, and how we can do it better.

Greenhouse Affect* – My friend makes nonfiction comics about how we talk about the ways ecology and climate change affect our lives. Gorgeous art, and a unique and healing perspective.

Popstar Canvas* – Short, funny, educational comics about diseases, medical interventions, and how the human body works (also mixed in with other short slice-of-life and comedic comics).


Order of the Stick – One of, if not THE canonical DnD comic. Unique writing style that I really enjoy, and does a great job of blending individual character arcs with Big Happenings. Also has thousands of pages, so be warned before starting.

Cucumber Quest – Paper Mario-esque fantasy adventure. On indefinite hiatus that will probably last a few more years, but what’s available is always worth reading. Many pages warning.


Tarot Tournament – Gorgeous, playful art that takes full advantage of the comic format.

Wilde Life – Cozy suburban fantasy about a man who moves to a small town and tries to untangle the supernatural mysteries there.

The Last Halloween – Horror comic about humans and their monsters. On indefinite hiatus (the author has other cool projects, though!) Worth reading even if it never finishes.