I have grad school orientation in the morning, and would’ve gone to bed instead of finishing this, except there’ll still be a flash flood warning at the time I’d need to leave the house anyway. So you can thank adverse weather conditions for this page making it up tonight.

Also, I’m going to start posting concept/design/warmup/etc sketches at TopWebComics again this month! I’m aiming to swap them out on Thursdays and Sundays still – you can see them by voting for the comic at the link above.

Those sketches will also live permanently on my Patreon page, with more detailed notes about how the design of various environments, devices, and characters came together. I posted one for the spiderbot this weekend, and I’m working on one for the planes next – if you want to see sketches after they’ve cycled off TWC, or enjoy reading about production-design type stuff, that’s the place to find it!