03/02 update: This week’s page will go up later today, still need to finish some coloring stuff!

drink every time hank invents some new professional euphemism for our protagonists’ personal issues.

Actually, I think the idea of a real-time webcomic drinking game sounds fun. Like you enjoy a beverage [of whatever alcohol content you desire and can safely/legally consume] weekly or biweekly or monthly or whatever, whenever a new page gets posted, if and only if it fulfills your personal standards for drink-worthiness.

I do this already, I guess, in that I have a beer on Wednesday nights because I am in charge (“in charge”) of my department’s grad student bar meetup. I also drink a large iced coffee every Thursday when I wake up at kill-me-now in the morning to post new pages on reddit. My personal standards of drink-worthiness are extremely easy to fulfill.)

(Also if you ever want a list of mad science flavor-y beers/cocktails/etc, hit me up, I have developed a body of Specialized Knowledge.)