Hey! Update about updates, while I have a sec: I’m still here, just had a lot of life things the last couple months. The big ones were that I had my PhD qual-equivalent, and also learned my roommates and I were being evicted from our house on short notice. We had to scramble to find new places to live, and now have to actually move to them.

The little ones were that I’ve had a lot of full weekends (for good reasons! Seeing friends I don’t normally get to see and doing stuff I haven’t gotten to do in a long time). Usually, the way I keep up with weekly updates is I’ll spend a full day on a weekend writing the script and doing thumbnails for 4-8 pages at a time. Then I can do the drawing/inking/coloring in spurts during the coming weeks. I often fall behind when I have a lot of weekends booked in a row, and this year it happened at the same time as the other big stuff, which made it hard to get back in any kind of groove.

I’m getting there! Regular updates will probably come back in a couple weeks, with the rest of Chapter 3 to post, plus a short extra comic between chapters 3 and 4, just because I still need to get some design work done for the latter to be able to keep up with it on a regular basis.

Previous post:
Inks for this page are done. The coloring for this scene currently takes longer than I want, AND I’m not thrilled with the result, so I might take a sec to simplify it before attacking the rest of the pages in this chapter (of which there’s like… 3? 4? It’s not a ton). But I figured I’d put in what I have now.